Shave Formula

Shave Formula


6 fl oz

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Shave Formula Benefits:

Macadamia Nut Oil & Soybean Oil - Provides superior lubrication between the blade and the skin as well as rehydrates the skin.

Tea Tree Oil - Counter-irritants that soothe and relieve inflammation caused by razor burn.

Chamomile - Calming qualities, improves tissue regeneration and soothes the skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties as well, which may help facilitate healing of various infections.

Aloe - Refreshing and soothing.

Additional Guidance: Beard hair can sometimes assume the same density as copper wire. Weaken those pesky prickles with a warm shower or hot towel before you shave. If you’re prone to post-shave ingrown hairs and razor burn, rinse your face a second time with water as cold as you can handle to close your pores and reduce skin swelling caused by razor friction. Shaving with the grain is a best practice so you can leave an exit path for the beard hair to grow out of the skin; otherwise, it will become trapped inside and grow inward, and you just can’t shave ingrown hairs.