90ml - Brick Pomade for Strong Hold

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Matte-finish hairstyling pomade with a strongman’s grip, perfect for achieving that messy look with added dimension and texture.

Barber’s Prescription: Just so you know, this particular pomade is best used on dry hair. Scoop up a dime-sized smidgen with your finger and rub your hands together, evenly distributing the pomade and working it in between each finger. Then, using your fingers, spread our Brick Pomade all through your scalp to the pointy-most ends of your hair and freestyle in the desired manner for maximum individuality.

Anti-symptoms: Frizzing. Helmet head. Cowlick. Noogie-resistant.

 Additional Guidance: Using a blow dryer can be advantageous in nabbing that Virile-quality look and feel to your hairstyle –– simply direct the airflow so that it drives your toward in the destination of your desired style. You can also blow against the grain to pump up some extra volume. When styling, try not to fight the natural direction of growth; oftentimes it’s a losing battle. Sometimes making your hair stand up on end with our Brick Pomade is a nifty way to begin the styling process; this way, you can slowly piece down your hair until you arrive at your desired look.